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What the future looks like

The world is a wild place most days. We all have traumas and unresolved backstories. How do you find solace amidst the madness? How do you reconcile the past with the present and future? Recently I've been trying out meditation. It's not the first time I've tried. Meditation can take many forms. Sitting quietly with the wind while your mind rides the waves of hum of flowing air. Closing your eyes and breathing rhythmically before actually falling asleep, the pillow soft beneath your neck. As a writer, my Meditation has often been a keyboard beneath my fingertips, somewhere without much noise. Many years I spent in public libraries, day dreaming that my name would grace the spines of such books. Envisioning the life you want is really the only way to design the life you want, as everything we are starts as a thought.  What life do you want to create? For years I've imagined a place where I can finally find peace. A place without a tyrannical parental figure trying to

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