Should I buy kale?

 If there is a constant theme in my life it is:


I am very good at over thinking. If you've seen Star Trek Discovery, the character Paul Stamets comes to mind. His character acquires the ability to see all possible outcomes of a "jump" through space-time.

I can do this same thing, except instead of it concerning traveling along a mycelial network through  a multi-verse, I can think of infinite possibilities for a simple task like...buying groceries.

Should I buy kale? Is it overpriced? Does it have antinutrients that my body won't absorb? Is it hard to digest? If I cook it a certain way does it negate the bad things? Will it go bad before I eat all of it? Should I buy it to use for only 1 recipe or should I make a few different meals with kale? What variant of kale is it? Is it organic? Was it grown in soil or hydroponically? Is it prewashed? Will it have too much stem to leaf  ratio? Should I just get spinach instead?

The endless queries are maddening at times. Sometimes just in order for me to get to a mental space where I want to do my homework I have to a laundry list of tasks first. There isn't a specific list, instead there is only an endless list, one that is ever evolving, with an indeterminate amount of possibilities.

I didn't buy kale this time.


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