To Live Infinitely

 I have heard various arguments over the years for and against living forever. More recently the arguments are less metaphysical and more actual. Advancements in human technology and biology are unlocking many of the secrets that keep humans from living infinitely.

Is it wrong to live forever? Most religions think not. Judeo-Muslim-Christianity believes in a glorious and indefinite afterlife. Hindus applaud the many lives and forms we will live in route to Nirvana. The Norse knew that the only way to perpetual life, was a triumphant death.

But what if we don't have to die? What if the cycle can be broken? Just as women are so longer required to have children as part of their biological duty to the human race, what if human beings no longer had to die to fulfill their biological prerogative?

The consequences of such a revolution are innumerable. If someone lives forever, should they have certain restrictions on their life? 

In my mind, living forever isn't some sort of science fiction idea, it is an evolving destination. Of course people will still die -- there will be wars, murders, accidents, illnesses, etc -- but if you can avoid calamity, how long could you live if your body was constantly regenerating to keep you at forever 35?

If you live forever, does that make life less valuable? If I was told I would die at age 256, does that mean that I would waste my life up to that point? Or would it give me more headspace to explore, that I can have multiple careers and life experiences I don't have to chose just 1 or 2 things off this list, I can chose many. 

Some people say that if they lived forever they would get rather bored. Well, maybe for those individuals immortality would be wasted on them. Maybe living forever is something that is only doable for certain individuals that not only want to contribute to society and the progress of the planet, but also have an infinite curiosity and want to explore it without a time limit.

Once upon a time I thought I would die. Now, I'm not so sure. Between now and 120 years old, I know that technology will make leaps that we can't even imagine. What form will life take in the future? 


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