You only get better every day

 I've often thought improvement came in massive waves. You wake up one day and you are suddenly an author. Or one day it just clicks and you sprint a sub 4 minute mile.

Maybe that's true.


But most times, I think it just means getting a little bit better every day.

I took almost a year off of writing after my husband's health problems and moving across the country in the middle of a pandemic. When I lived in Washington DC I was writing every single day. Now I find myself writing a little bit more. I'm not quite at the volume I had in DC (I'd write 5,000 words a day on average, some days up to 10,000), but I am making my way through my old writing and editing things and I've had some new interesting ideas that have spawned some new stories. I also been editing a few of my books (yes, plural). I have 5 partially written books and 1 first draft of a whole book.

Looking back I felt so stuck in my writing, now I look back and think DAMN I was on a roll.


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