At the End of All Things is the Beginning of Another

December  23rd, 2022 I almost left this place.

Anaphylaxis is a bitch.

An adverse reaction to an antibiotic, coupled with the deadliest snow storm of the season left me without emergency care for over an hour as medics tried to reach my house through -32 F wind chills and over a foot of snow that had drifted and caused 2 ambulances and a fire truck to get stuck enroute to me. Medics walked on foot to the house and performed field IV and EKG in my brother's house. Upon extraction (after snowplows and my brother and husband's superhuman shoveling efforts) I was put into an ambulance and taken to the hospital. Staff was short because of the holiday and weather and I spent 4 days waiting for answers in a hospital bed while I was told I "must be anxious because your blood pressure is 190/100".

I was released December 27th, and on the 30th I went unconscious and was revived by my husband. Blood pressure bottomed out to 42/12 and then went to 0/0.

"What's wrong with you?" The medics said when they arrived. I was blind and couldn't see, but somehow had managed to stumbled my way to the front door. Apparently going unconscious from low blood pressure can cause temporary blindness.

"You tell me! " I said.

Another doctor's visit. More blood work. Now I have low blood pressure, somedays it's 90/45. My kidney function is borderline kidney disease. My white blood cell count low. Getting sick everytime someone coughs around me. My joints cracking. My heart rate spiking.  Histamine flare ups.

What does it all mean?

It means my meatsuit needs some TLC and conventional medicine doesnt have a fucking clue. 

So I've gone on a low oxalate diet.

I'm doing targeted mobility training.

I've started taking dessicated organ supplements. 

I've on herbals for my kidneys. 

I'm taking Echinaciae and garlic and thymus and manuka honey to boost immunity.

I'm doing the best I can.

I know the body can heal and thrive. And I'm trying my best to get to a better place.

Life is an experiment.  Tweak your parameters and try again.

If you are lucky enough to be alive, give it another go.


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